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Our firm, Personal Bankruptcy Canada, is committed to providing you with maximum privacy and confidentiality with regard to both your online experience and with respect to all our other dealings with you. However, should you decide to utilize the provisions of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (“BIA”) it will become necessary to make public a significant amount of your information. Such voluntary disclosure of personal information to your creditors, the Court, credit rating agencies, government regulators and other interested parties is an essential part of the equitable and transparent process of debt relief. The right to absolute privacy is therefore voluntarily subordinated to the need for information to be made public in order to facilitate the process. Privacy legislation in Canada is therefore not fully compatible with the requirements of the BIA.

Why do we need information?

If you fill in one of the forms on this site and request an interview or other service, you may do so knowing that we ask for personal information in order to obtain a better understanding of how we may be able to assist you. The information which you provide will be required as an integral part of the statutory process.

Am I entitled to a confidential interview?

Initially all information which you give to us is totally confidential. However after you voluntarily proceed to declare bankruptcy or file a proposal, much of that information becomes available in the public domain. Your personal information, however obtained, will never be sold, traded or rented to another party and will only be used by Personal Bankruptcy Canada, as required under the BIA.

Will my information be retained?

Should you contact us via e-mail, telephone or written correspondence, we will keep your comments on file for future reference. Eventually your file will be destroyed and your personal information with it.

Policy Changes

This Privacy Policy has been developed and implemented in accordance with the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. This Act is designed to protect you and your personal information and provide you with a statutory right to privacy. The Act balances your right to privacy with the needs of organizations to collect, use or disclose personal information for legitimate business purposes. As changes occur to this Act, the BIA or to our information-gathering practices, we will update this policy as required. Information contained in this policy may change at any time without notice.

Last updated:  August 2010

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