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Personal Bankruptcy Trustees are ready to help you find Saint John credit and debt relief. We offer a free consultation to determine how to get beyond your financial difficulties in Saint John, explore your Saint John debt relief options and determine if declaring bankruptcy in Saint John is the best choice for you.

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When you hear the term Saint John bankruptcy trustee,  it’s easy to assume that all we handle are Saint John personal bankruptcies.  In fact, Saint John bankruptcy trustees are very highly qualified debt consultants, regulated by the Superintendent of Bankruptcy in Canada, who undergo years of training to be able to provide the most comprehensive debt counselling in the nation.

If you are having trouble making ends meet each month, the sooner you contact a Saint John bankruptcy trustee, the more options you will have available to you.  Mounting debt is expensive to carry and can impact not only your bottom line but your credit score as well, affecting your ability to get credit in the future.  If you’ve only just begun struggling to pay all of your monthly bills on time, it’s not too late to remedy the problem without affecting your credit score.

Call a bankruptcy Saint John trustee at Allan Marshall & Associates, Inc. for a free consultation with one of our debt professionals.  For many of our clients, a thorough review of your finances with a bankruptcy Saint John trustee will highlight cost cutting opportunities that can free up money in your monthly budget to pay down expenses.  For others, who have been struggling for longer and have more debt to address, the filing of a consumer proposal or perhaps even  a St. John personal bankruptcy might be the necessary solution.  No matter the solution, if you choose, your trustee will work closely with you from that first meeting through the completion of your chosen debt plan.

Aswers to your Debt Questions from Scott Marshall, Bankruptcy Trustee

Q:   What should I expect at my first initial consultation?

A:   We would normally request that you complete a consumer information form and bring that with you to the consultation.  The consultation is free obviously.  We would sit down with you and go through your options and answer your questions. 

Q:  What can a Trustee do for me that other debt professionals can't?

A:  Well, a trustee is the only one that's capable of administering both bankruptcy and proposals under the bankruptcy insolvency act.  So, the consumer proposals and the division one proposals to restructure the debt – the trustees are the only ones capable of administering those services and then the other services that other companies can offer, trustees are capable of offering as well, so trustees are typically a one stop shop whereas the other ones are very narrow in their focus.  You get all of your options answered when you meet with a trustee as opposed to the narrow scope that are being provided by other service providers. 

Q:  Why might debt consolidation be bad for me?

A:  If you have the capability of paying the consolidation loan within your budget then it is often a reasonable choice to look at but if you're still going to struggle, even if the bank is willing to finance it into one loan payment and stretch it out over a greater period of time, and if that doesn't offer you the help that you need to live within your means monthly, then you're looking at other options because you are just putting off the inevitable.  So, you're in a situation where a proposal or some other option may be a better choice for you.  I don't want to discourage you from getting a consolidation loan if that's the right option for you but not every situation is the same.  That's why we do the free consultation to make sure that we know your options and we can explain those to you fully. 

At Allan Marshall & Associates, Inc., we’re much more than just personal bankruptcy. Our St. John bankruptcy trustees are here to help.  Call or email us  today.

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In the course of our careers, we have worked with people in almost every personal circumstance. "We've seen it all. We are real people and we want to help you get relief from the stresses financial problems can cause.”


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