Canada Bankruptcy Trustees – What Can They Do for You? 0

bankruptcy trusteeWhen it comes to Canadian debt professionals, most people have heard of Credit Counselors, but what do you know about Canada bankruptcy trustees?   Who are these guys anyway?

A Canada bankruptcy trustee is a skilled debt professional who undertakes a series training and licensing courses overseen by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy. Trustees are skilled in all areas of debt help and are just about the best resource available when you need financial help.

The very first thing a Canada bankruptcy trustee will offer you is a free consultation.  At this no obligation meeting, your trustee will go over your finances in detail.  Based on a complete review of your situation, your trustee will be able to explain what your available options are.

Even those who have heard about bankruptcy trustees might be hesistant to make the call - no one wants to file for bankruptcy.  What they fail to realize is that your trustee can provide information about a variety of debt help solutions and walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of each.  For some, help comes in the form of a workable budget.  For others, a trustee can offer a consumer proposal, an increasingly popular option for those loaded down with debt that are trying to avoid filing for bankruptcy.

Should you choose to file for bankruptcy, your trustee will manage the paperwork and process for you.  They will also provide the two mandatory credit counselling sessions that are part of the bankruptcy requirements.  

A bankruptcy trustee is a reliable and reputable source of debt help in Canada.  If you are having difficulty managing your debt, a trustee is a good place to start for help.





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