Personal Bankruptcy Blog Carnival January 23, 2013

blog carnivalThanks for stopping by the Personal Bankruptcy Canada blog carnival!  Be sure to come by every week for the best information from around the web on finance, debt tips, budgeting, and saving money.

Welcome to the January 23, 2012 edition of personal bankruptcy canada blog carnival.  We're  featuring some of our blog post picks from our favorite bloggers.  You can check out their posts below:

Kervin Fondren presents How Not to Die Over Your Debts! - Yahoo! Voices - posted at Kervin Fondren, saying, "This article and link is from a first person perspective, and my personal experience with bankruptcy, Chapter 7. I hope you learn some financial strategies from this article and get some relief!"

Jason presents How to Get Your Family On Board When Paying Off Debt posted at WorkSaveLive, saying, "For many just embarking on their debt payoff journey, it's likely that your family may not be on board with your excitement to cut back on your lifestyle and eliminate debt. You may be dealing with a spouse or kids who are reluctant to change their lifestyle, and honestly, who can blame them?"

Mr.CBB presents Breaking the Budget: Coffee and Lunch Comparison of 2 Co-Workers: Canadian Budget Binder posted at Canadian Budget Binder.

The Money Guide presents 3 Steps to Paying Off Debt posted at The Money Guide.

Financial Samurai presents What To Do With A Severance Package Or Financial Windfall posted at Financial Samurai.

Jim Yih presents How am I doing financially? posted at Retire Happy.

Justin presents Don’t Allow Coupons to Lure You Into Overspending posted at The Frugal Path.

We hope you enjoyed this week's submissions and our top blog picks at the Personal Bankruptcy Canada Blog Carnival. Remember, although we love ALL posts we receive from our readers, so send us your finance-related posts! Submit your blog article to the next edition of Personal Bankruptcy Canada Carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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David Smith

About David Smith

David was initially drawn to accountancy because he was 'good with numbers'.
He has been an insolvency professional since 1993.   Soon after he began to work with debt issues he discovered that the most satisfying part of his role was the ability to make a positive difference in other people's lives.   It is the person, not the numbers that continues to guide his approach toward helping others deal with debt issues.


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