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Bankruptcy Quebec – Understand your rights and your options

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If you are having difficult with debt in Quebec, you don’t have to feel alone.  In 2013, trustees assisted 39,947 of your fellow Quebec citizens file for insolvency.

Quebec Bankruptcy Trustees

To learn about your options, your first step should be to find a trustee near you.   Bankruptcy Trustees are licensed by the federal government and will provide a free, non-judgmental consultation.

Trustees know the law and understand your rights.  At the free consultation your trustee will review your finances, explain the legal options and help you to decide which will be best for your situation. In addition, trustees are the only debt professionals in Canada who are permitted to file a bankruptcy or consumer proposal on your behalf.

If you are ready to take charge of your finances, select your area from list below. You will be provided with contact information for an Alberta Bankruptcy Trustee in your area.

Quebec Bankruptcy Laws.

You will never lose all your possessions in a QUEBEC bankruptcy, but you may required to turn over certain assets to the bankruptcy estate in exchange for the elimination of your unsecured debt.  To learn which assets you keep and which you will give up if you file for bankruptcy, you can contact a Quebec Bankruptcy Trustee by completing the Get Help With My Debt form in the sidebar of this page.

When you file for bankruptcy in Quebec, you can usually keep the following assets:

  • Food clothing of you and your family;
  • Household furniture up to $6,000 in value;
  • Work instruments needed for a profession;
  • Alimony or child support;
  • Items needed to overcome a physical disability;
  • Your Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) except for contributions made during the 12 months preceding your bankruptcy.

These exemptions are current to March 2014, but changes do occur.  Please visit a Trustee to learn how bankruptcy will affect your situation, and if any amendments have been made to the federal or provincial bankruptcy legislation. 

Quebec Bankruptcy FAQs

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