Bankruptcy Trustees

Bankruptcy Trustees

Personal Bankruptcy Trustees  are licensed by the Canadian Government following a stringent period of study and examination.  They are the only professionals licensed by the Government to assist you with proposals to your creditors and with bankruptcy filings.  

Bankruptcy Trustee Qualifications
Trustees are required to go through extensive training in order to become licensed. 

This consists of:

  • University degree and a three-year bankruptcy and bankruptcy law course before they can be licensed
  • Bankruptcy trustees learn about personal finance, interest, and debt management to help counsel their clients.
  • Continuing education courses to stay abreast of changing laws.
  • The main job of the trustee is to ensure that everyone in the bankruptcy—including you and your creditors—are handled fairly and in accordance with bankruptcy law in Canada.
  • Bankruptcy trustees are federally regulated and are subject to a strict code of ethics.

The Office of Superintendent of Bankruptcy explains it well.  They state that a trustee must:

  • be of good character and reputation,
  • successfully complete the Chartered Insolvency and Restructuring Professional (CIRP) Qualification Program (CQP), and
  • pass an Oral Board of Examination.

A bankruptcy trustee is committed to helping good people  with bad debt.  The first initial consultation is free, so find a trustee near you today to start down the path of debt relief.

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