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Being in debt is no fun. As you probably know. if you live in Ontario  and have debts that are unmanageable then you have reached the right place.

Debts can make your life miserable - always worried, afraid of opening the brown envelopes, avoiding the collection calls, the hassle never seems to end. The truth is that it probably won't end until you do something about the debts.

Bad debts do happen to good people and then what?  There are ways of dealing with your debts - a great place to start is by having a chat with a licensed Trustee. They are experts in dealing with debt and have the added benefit of being able to provide you with legal protection from your creditors. In fact they are the only professionals that can do this for you in Canada. That means they can stop the collection calls, the wage garnishments and creditors threats to take you to court.

More Than Help With Bankruptcies........

Although their official title is 'Bankruptcy Trustee' bankruptcy is only one of the options they can help you with. They have access to a wide array of resources, and bankruptcy might actually not even be your best option. If it is not they can quickly tell you that.

For instance a Consumer proposal is a very popular method of dealing with debts that have got out of control. They enable you to negotiate, with the help of a Trustee, a repayment plan that often involves a lower monthly payment and the Consumer Proposal still has the advantage that you are legally protected from the creditors.

Life is stressful enough - adding the anxiety of bills you can't pay - that can be the last straw for many people.  If this sounds like you - then do yourself a favor and pick up the phone call a Trustee to-day. It's why we are here - 'Helping Good People With Bad Debt'.


Things My Mother Never Told Me

Like most of us you probably never got a firm grounding in financial literacy. Either over sight by your parents or inattention by the education system or both left you at a distinct disadvantage. It seems that most people had to discover how to manage money by themselves. That's pretty sad - because managing money is a very important skill.  How effective we are at it determines to a great extent how prosperous we can be in life.  

My mother never told were what a 'minimum payment' was or what 'APR' means. I don't blame my mother - I'm not sure she knew herself. She never had a credit card.  Things have changed a great deal in the last twenty five years and the use of credit and loans has become an accepted way for people to manage their affairs.


Spend, Spend, Spend

From one direction we are told to be responsible consumers but from almost every other angle we are encouraged to spend, spend, spend. No-money-down, zero-interest-rates, don't-pay-a-cent-until (add some date in the far future) - these are just some of the ways marketers use to entice us to spend more than we can afford. They want us to buy their products - we want to stay out of financial trouble. But there are so many of them and their arguments and enticements are so persuasive and persistent - what chance does the average person have? Not much really.

This explains why it is so common for people to get into trouble with debt. So if you arrived at this page because you were beating yourself up about how stupid you are etc. etc.  then job one is - stop beating on yourself. The second thing is that you have got yourself this far - at a web site page where experts are sharing their expertise and knowledge in the very area where you are experiencing problems. (what a coincidence!)

You, like a lot of people were never properly prepared for the financial challenges that modern consumerism presents. Think about it.  They have market researchers, social psychologists, ad designers and the media all working for them to sell you things - all geared toward parting you from your money. It doesn't seem fair. It probably isn't.

This is a roundabout way of saying that debts are far easier to rack up than they are to pay down. As you find yourself only able to make the minimum payment on credit cards you soon realize that the 'hole' you are in cannot fix itself. If this sounds like you take action - contact a Trustee to-day and begin the process of creating a fresh start for yourself.

Ontario Resources

We understand how tough it can be to make ends meet these days. If you are in Ontario and looking for more help than we can offer you at this time, please visit these local sites that offer resources.

United Way 211

Access Counselling

Ontario Association of Food Banks

Ontario Distress Line


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