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Bromwich & Smith trustees are ready to help you find credit and debt relief. We offer a free consultation to determine how to get beyond your financial difficulties in Edmonton, explore your debt relief options and determine if declaring bankruptcy is the best choice for you.

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One of the most stressful situations we can experience is the combination of large amounts of debt, not enough income to support those debts and a clock that’s ticking.

When it comes to debt relief, the trustees at Bromwich & Smith have been helping people for years.  With their vast experience and ongoing education, they have the skills necessary to review your complete financial picture, discuss your options and find a solution that works.  If you have significant assets, your trustee may suggest a consumer proposal; or perhaps a personal bankruptcy in Edmonton might be the better option for your own specific situation. 

Whatever the remedy, your Bromwich & Smith trustee will ensure that you understand all of the options available to you.  Your initial meeting will be at no cost and there is never any obligation. Your trustee will work with you throughout the process from start to finish.  One advantage that you’ll get from working with an Edmonton bankruptcy trustee is the financial counseling you’ll receive.  While it’s important to us to assist you in your immediate time of need, we know the importance of providing you with the tools you’ll need to stay out of debt in the future.

Our Edmonton bankruptcy trustees will treat you with respect and professionalism and will always maintain the highest levels of confidentiality possible.  We understand that bad debt is something that can happen to anyone. Email or call us today to set up your free consultation.


11810 Kinsway Avenue
Edmonton,  AB   T5G 0X5
Telephone: 1(587)315-1119
6030 – 88 Street
Edmonton, AB  T6E 6G4
Telephone: (587)803-0594

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In the course of our careers, we have worked with people in almost every personal circumstance. "We've seen it all. We are real people and we want to help you get relief from the stresses financial problems can cause.”


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