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Personal Bankruptcy Canada Inc. is a nationwide network of independent Trustee practices dedicated to helping 'good people deal with bad debt'. As our name suggests our associated Trustees specialize in personal bankruptcy, however many of them also service corporate bankruptcy.  Our network of professionals share a common set of values based upon strong business ethics and exceptional client service.


About Us

David Smith:  Co-Founder / President

David Smith, Co-Founder/PresidentDavid was initially drawn to accountancy because he was 'good with numbers'. He has been an insolvency professional since 1993.  Soon after he began to work with debt issues he discovered that the most satisfying part of his role was the ability to make a positive difference in other people's lives. It is the person, not the numbers that continues to guide his approach toward helping others deal with debt issues. 

PBC became a brainchild of David’s desire to support the work of other independent Trustees across Canada - as they too strived to make a positive difference in their people’s lives. PBC was created as a collaborative network of independent trustees each serving their own local communities yet supported by a national internet-based organization.

A father of two young children, he is familiar with a parent’s desire to provide for their family.  He empathizes with the distress people may feel when their ability to provide for their loved ones is hampered or threatened by excessive debt. “Nothing gives me more satisfaction than knowing that I have played a role in helping other individuals and families get back in control of their personal finance. “

David is a managing partner of Bromwich and Smith based in Calgary, serving southern Alberta.  He is a licensed bankruptcy trustee and a Member of both the Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals and the provincially based Alberta Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals

In his spare time David can be found with his family in their organic garden with the chickens and bees, learning about sustainable living. 



Stephen Joyce:  Co Founder / COO

Stephen Joyce. Co-Founder/ COO

For Stephen, co founding PBC was a direct extension of his commitment to helping others. He has worked extensively in the areas of organizational development and virtual-team building. Combined with his background in marketing and brand management, it was a natural step to the establishment and support of a network of professionals in the online environment.
Author of ‘Teaching an Anthill to Fetch: Developing Collaborative Intelligence @ Work’, the book became an Amazon best seller in 2007. Stephen has consulted for Canadian provincial and federal agencies as well as Fortune 500 companies.
In 2009 Stephen met David Smith and their creative chemistry and shared value systems led to the creation of PBC. The product of their collaboration was the creation of an online community that serves a nationally-based network of independent bankruptcy trustees.  
Stephen is the father of two grown children and is an avid organic gardener. He serves on the board of the Okanagan Network for the Environment, writes fiction and practices Tai Chi in his spare time.

About Personal Bankruptcy Canada Trustee Members

Trustees in bankruptcy are all licensed by the Federal Government following a stringent period of study and examination.  They are also the only professionals licensed by the Government to assist you with proposals to your creditors and with bankruptcy filings. Personal Bankruptcy Canada Members are in good standing with the Office of Superintendent of Bankruptcy.

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